WASHINGTON- In response to recent press inquiries about why President Reagan should be honored with memorial dedications, the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project (RRLP) released the following information about the number of Memorials to other Americans.

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy
• 600 items have been dedicated to the memory of JFK as of 2003. Estimates indicate another 50-100 additional Memorials have been added since. Sources: Newsday Newspaper of New York (Long Island) – Nov. 20, 2003 and the United States Geological Survey.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
• 800 items have been dedicated to the memory of MLK, Jr. as of 1998. Estimates indicate another 150-250
additional Memorials have been added since. Sources: Dr. Derek Alderman, Assistant Prof of Geography at East Carolina University, Jonathan Tilove, Author of Along Martin Luther King: Travels on Black America\’s Main Street and the United States Geological Survey

As a key figure and hero of the 20th Century, President Reagan must receive parity in Memoriam to President Kennedy and Dr. King. Now that President Reagan has died, it is even more fitting to begin the process of commemorating his achievements in economics, human rights and American power. Dedications to this great American must be expedited, bringing his memorials to a level consistent with his fellow heroes of the 20th century.

President Reagan’s efforts in restoring the United States to greatness and bringing down Communism should be honored appropriately in number and respect. Placing Reagan on the $10 bill and half of the dimes produced from this point forward is a beginning. Schools, roadways, public parks, statues, public buildings and other memorials throughout “the city on the hill” must be dedicated to President.

RRLP was formed in 1997 and is the most influential organization aimed at promoting the legacy of the 40th President.

The Project encourages governors, state legislators and the general public to become involved in the process of naming at least one significant landmark or institution after Reagan in all 50 states and 3067 counties as well as in former communist countries.

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