Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist appeared this week on “The First” with Dana Loesch to discuss the Democrats’ socialist tax-and-spend plan, legislation they’ve named, “Build Back Better.” Norquist warned that several more problematic provisions could still be snuck into the bill, highlighted provisions that would raise taxes directly and indirectly on low- and middle-income Americans, and explained how supersizing the IRS would lead to heightened audits on small businesses and middle-income Americans.

Norquist explained that Democrats could still find ways to sneak in problematic provisions that they’ve included in prior versions of the bill:

“Well, there have been things that were taken out and put on the shelf. Any one of them could come back at any time. This has to go through the Senate – the House bill will be amended… Other things could be added at the last minute .One of the things that’s interesting is that if the Democrats and Biden were proud of this bill, they’d lay it out in front of people and have us all look at it for a month. But they know the more you look at it, the less you like.”

Norquist also highlighted a few of the many tax increases bound to hurt, primarily, low- and middle-income Americans and small businesses:

“It will give us the highest personal income tax rate in the developed world at 57.4 percent, and that’s higher than China, Russia, higher than anyone’s thought of in Europe. It would give us the highest capital gains tax in American history going back to Jimmy Carter… It breaks all of Biden’s promises not to tax the middle class: it is strewn with tax increases that are directly and/or indirectly hitting middle-income people. It threatens to tax vaping. It taxes home heating oil.”

Finally, Norquist explained that supersizing the IRS, as this bill would do, would empower the IRS to go after small businesses and the middle-class in the form of harassment and costly audits:

“They want to hire 87,000 more auditors and investigators for the IRS, giving them $80 billion. Tomorrow is the six month anniversary of when we learned that the IRS was handing out private data – audited data – out to some ProPublica left-wing group, which they used to attack people… They’re not looking very hard to find who leaked this data on tens of thousands of Americans – not just a few… There will be 1.2 million more audits. Half of them targeting people who earn less than $75,000 a year. The IRS brags that they’ll have a 50 percent increase in auditing small businesses. Biden says it’s only rich people and big corporations, the IRS says “No no no, that’s not what we’re doing at all.””