Today Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist issued the following statement on Michigan Proposal 6, which would require the approval of voters before promoting a new, government-funded bridge to Canada:

It is imperative that any discussion of such a massive government-sponsored project should give taxpayers a final say. A yes vote on Proposal 6 ensures that federal and state lawmakers must make the case to voters that any new bridge to Canada is in Michigan’s best interest.

Unfortunately, it appears that many Michigan politicians hope to rush this project through with little public input. The current arguments for a new government subsidized bridge are insufficient.

This project relies on hundreds of millions of dollars in federal spending. While proponents may claim that no state taxpayer dollars will be used, they conveniently ignore that Michigan residents are United States citizens who pay federal taxes. These dollars come out of their pocketbooks.

And borrowing money from Canada means that money must be paid back – with interest. Most studies show that Michigan’s indebtedness to Canada will continue for decades, meaning the state will realize no revenue from tolls for years and years to come – if at all.

A new bridge funded with a mix of federal government spending and state government borrowing is certainly a dubious proposition. But not even giving state voters the opportunity to weigh in on the issue is unacceptable. I fully support Proposal 6, which would give Michigan voters a say on this multi-billion dollar project.

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