Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist this week issued the following statement praising President Trump’s Executive Order that seeks to increase accountability and efficiency in the review and permitting process for infrastructure projects.

“President Trump’s Executive Order issued this week represents a much needed step in reducing waste and inefficiency in the environmental review and permitting process for infrastructure projects.

“For too long permitting and review processes surrounding U.S. infrastructure projects have been mired in a sea of red tape and bureaucratic roadblocks. Needed improvements to the highways, tunnels, roads and bridges that keep America moving are delayed and the costs driven up.

“According to the Government Accountability Office, complex infrastructure projects can be delayed for an average of 7 years while going through the environmental review process. Studies show that an average 6-7 year delay for major infrastructure projects costs the American economy over $3.7 trillion dollars.

“The Executive Order issued by President Trump this week would be a first step in correcting these issues. Under the President’s Executive Order, a 2-year timeline is established for the Federal Government to process reviews and permits for major infrastructure projects.

“The Executive Order also requires agencies to track the costs of conducting reviews and making permitting decisions. The Order further replaces the patchwork of agency reviews with a consolidated approach that establishes a One Federal Decision Policy, whereby one Federal agency will take the lead on reviews and permitting decisions.

“President Trump’s actions this week will begin the process of improving the efficiency with which American infrastructure projects are carried out by increasing agency accountability, streamlining the permitting and review processes, and inevitably saving U.S. taxpayer dollars.”  


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore