Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) President Grover Norquist offered the following statement on Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s 2023 State of the State Address:

“Governor Stitt gets it, the state is taking in too much money, and those tax dollars belong back in the pockets of hard-working Oklahomans.

“Putting Oklahoma on the path to reduce, flatten, and eliminate its income tax is the right thing to do, and the smart thing for Oklahoma’s future. The permanent flat tax reform Governor Stitt is calling for will help Oklahoma families and businesses grow, instead of the government.

“At least 10 states are working to cut their income taxes this year, after more than 20 state income tax cuts have been enacted since 2020. If Governor Stitt’s proposed 3.99% flat income tax rate is passed, Oklahoma would vault toward the top of the ranks, with one of the lowest rates among states with income taxes – and the lowest rate amongst its neighbors aside from Texas. Under current law only Indiana, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Iowa (by 2026) will have lower flat tax rates than Governor’s Stitt’s proposal.

“Americans for Tax Reform applauds Governor Stitt’s leadership on tax reform and strongly supports his plan to cut Oklahoma’s income tax down to 3.99%. We look forward to working to make it happen.”