ATR President Grover Norquist released the following statement in opposition to raising the federal gas tax:

“There is no need to raise the federal gas tax. The problem is not that the gas tax is too low. The problem is that gas tax revenue is siphoned off to pay for projects unrelated to roads and bridges.

“Supporters of raising the gas tax claim that roads and bridges are a priority and higher taxes are needed to pay for them. But by refusing to consider displacing existing spending, they are admitting that they view every other spending program—foreign aid, farm subsidies–as more important than fixing roads and bridges. Their insistence on raising the gas tax proves their only real goal is higher taxes on American families. Again.

“Democrats always promise they would only tax the top 1%.  Then they get elected and try to raise taxes on energy/gasoline and screw the middle class. (Clinton and Obama). President Trump will not be fooled into following the Democrat play book.”