ATR President Grover Norquist released the below statement in opposition to President Trump signing a “most favored nation” drug pricing policy:

“Imposing a ‘most favored nation’ drug pricing proposal into Medicare part B and Part D will adopt the same foreign price controls that President Trump has repeatedly opposed and that Democrats are campaigning on with their Medicare for All plan.

As recently as his 2020 State of the Union Address, the President promised ‘We will never let socialism destroy American health care.’

An MFN would adopt these socialist policies, slowing medical innovation and threatening American jobs at a time that the economy is recovering and medical innovators are making unprecedented progress toward developing a COVID-19 vaccine.”

There is strong conservative opposition to a MFN price control proposal. Last month, 80 free market, conservative, and libertarian groups and activists released a coalition letter urging President Trump to withdraw this proposal. 

The letter instead urges President Trump to apply the same successful, deregulatory, market-based approach that he has championed in other policy areas to health care:

“As President, you have championed vital changes in tax and regulatory policies that have allowed free market innovation to flourish. We believe a market-based approach like those that your administration has consistently supported in other policy areas will lead to economic growth and promising new treatments, but adopting price controls through the MFN plan would undermine rather than build on those successes.”