On February 1, the Georgia tax reform council reconvened at ATR's request to issue an amendment to their original plan to force revenue neutrality. The amendment passed unanimously. ATR President Grover Norquist issued the following statement:

"I am pleased with Chairman Frazier's decision to reconvene the tax reform council for a vote to force revenue neutrality. The legislature is now charged with producing an overhaul of the state's tax structure to a more pro-growth system that does not grow state government. We recommend achieving this by the removal of certain tax increases that fall outside the realm of 'base broadening' while simultaneously bringing marginal tax rates down to a level necessary to achieve revenue neutrality.

"We applaud the council's good-faith efforts to improve their proposal, and look forward to examining the final piece of legislation. Any bill that is at least revenue neutral will be in compliance with the Taxpayer Protection Pledge that 55 Georgia lawmakers have signed.

I further commend Governor Nathan Deal for his stated opposition to tax increases and his leadership on behalf of Georgia taxpayers."