Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist appeared Sunday on “Fox Report” with Jon Scott on Fox News to discuss President Biden’s disastrous plans for 2022 after an already-bumpy first year in office.  

Norquist explained that Biden failed in his campaign promises to govern like a moderate,  unite the country, and eradicate the virus:  

“Well, those two didn’t work out very well. He was also going to be a moderate Democrat – he defeated Bernie Sanders but has governed as if they were partners. He’s put forward a $5 trillion spending program for the next ten years if fully funded and completed — $3 trillion in more debt. This is the bill that hasn’t been voted on yet, so as we look forward he’s now got to decide what he’s going to do. Is he going to continue to push for $5 trillion in more spending…?  

Norquist notes that Biden’s 2022 could be even worse as he is pushing numerous tax increases and $80 billion in IRS funding:

He’s still supporting taking the United States up to the highest personal income tax in the developed world – higher than China, higher than Russia, higher than Europe… he wants to take the capital gains tax higher than Jimmy Carter had it during malaise and inflation…He wants to raise taxes on home heating oil. He wants to hand out money to friends: subsidies to newspapers, subsidies to trial lawyers, subsidies to labor unions… $80 billion for the IRS, 87,000 new agents. He wants to spend 23 times as much on auditors as he does on people answering the phone helping you do your taxes. He’s kind of pushing for more of the same.  

Norquist also explained that Trump tax cuts fueled the economy in 2019, and how 2021, a year meant to be a “comeback,” was disappointing under the Biden administration: 

“If you compare it, 2019 was the year the median income was… increased by 6.8 percent and went up $4,400 because of the tax cuts where all that money flowed through and businesses invested more in workers, they became more productive, they insisted on higher wages. This year [2021], which should have been the comeback year didn’t do it with COVID and didn’t do it with economic growth.