President and Founder of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist, wrote an op-ed for The Hill detailing a recent Supreme Court case on sports betting. The case struck down a 1992 law that banned states from regulating and taxing sports betting except in Nevada and three other states.

In the op-ed, Norquist explains that the Court reaffirmed all 50 states must be treated the same and that the federal government can’t dictate what the states should legalize or ban. Norquist notes that:

“It is a great victory for federalism, the mechanism that limits the size and scope of government by requiring 50 states to compete to provide the best and lowest cost government. States compete for citizens who are free to move. States compete for business investment that moves quickly towards competent government, serious rule of law, lower taxes, and less regulation.”

Ultimately, the Court’s decision was a huge win for limited government and federalism. Norquist notes that:

“The states are capable of regulating betting, and do so in other contexts. This should be no different. The involvement of the government to achieve a mandated payout for leagues is not a reason for federal involvement. Light touch regulation is more likely to be achieved when 50 states compete. Let the states compete on sports betting and fans and taxpayers will win.”

To read more of Norquist’s op-ed, click on the direct link to The Hill.