Today on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist made the case against a gas tax hike.

Norquist said: 

“There has always been a call by the spenders in Washington, including some Republicans on Appropriations, to raise the gas tax. Here’s the challenge with that – 98 percent of the roads on this country are state and local. What is the federal government doing? Paving the part of the roads between the states? We’ve built the Interstate Highway System. That’s been built. The politicians in Washington who like to hand money out to get favors, they like having a big pot of cash that they can hand out. This money ought to stay at the local level, it ought to stay at the state level, we should be cutting the federal gasoline tax and letting state and local governments do it. They already divert much of what’s supposed to go to roads and bridges from the federal gas tax, instead it goes to subways, and light rail, which has nothing to do with roads, except they get in the way of roads. And they also pay for the Davis-Bacon overspending, which is completely unnecessary.”

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