ATR president Grover Norquist was a guest on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co. today for a discussion of a variety of issues including infrastructure. Norquist praised the Trump approach on speeding up the permitting process for projects, and also made the case for why the cost-inflating Davis-Bacon Act needs to be abolished:

Norquist: “It’s not the amount of money that’s being spent, it’s how wisely or unwisely you spend it. Eight years to permit a road or to have to do an environmental study to widen a road as if caribou had moved into the fourth lane within the last six months — this is nonsense. That permitting needs to be sped up and that’s what dramatically drops the cost of the new road, a wider bridge, pipelines, and so on.

“Davis-Bacon, Davis-Bacon, Davis-Bacon has got to go. Why throw money into something when you know a quarter to a third of it is being misdirected for political purposes? Many states have ended their mini Davis-Bacons. West Virginia recently did, Wisconsin recently did, that needs to be done in all fifty states, and certainly Washington needs to as well.”

Photo Credit: S. Lowe