ATR president Grover Norquist appeared on CNN Newsroom with Fredricka Whitfield to tax reform. Norquist noted the establishment media has failed to mention that the House and Senate are meeting consistently, several times per week to advance tax reform.

Norquist said Trump and Congress are at a consensus on the major components of pro-growth tax reform:

This summer, this fall, by September, you’ll have both the Obamacare repeal reform and significant tax reform. The consensus items are what’s impressive: 15 or 20% corporate rate. 15 or 20% business taxes on people who pay through their individual taxes – the Subchapter S corporations or partnerships. A lot of small businesses pay taxes that way. The Death Tax – gone. The Alternative Minimum Tax – gone. Doubling the personal exemption for individuals and families.

Fredricka Whitfield, however, seemed doubtful that tax reform will pass. “Well, right, so those are the proposals. Those are the proposals.”

Norquist said: “Those are the ones the House, Senate, and the President agree on. “There are others where there isn’t agreement, but that alone, if you only pass those, it would change the world.”

Watch the full interview here.