In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Sandra Smith, ATR President Grover Norquist warned of coming tax hikes if Democrats win the Georgia Senate runoff elections on January 5th. 

As Norquist noted in an op-ed published on Fox News.com, Democrat challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock would rubber stamp the Biden-Harris agenda of tax increases on families and businesses. 

Middle-class Georgians saw the greatest reduction in tax liability after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was enacted, as noted in an analysis by ATR. However, Democrats have repeatedly promised to repeal this law. 

Norquist on Dem promise to repeal the Trump Tax Cuts:

“We can just see what happened when the Republican tax cut passed. The median income family of four got a $2,000 tax cut. So, as Biden and his Vice President have said, and both of those liberal Democrats running for the Georgia Senate seats have said, they are going to abolish the Trump tax cut, the Republican tax cut on day one. That’s a $2,000 increase on the average family of four on day one.”

Norquist on Energy Tax Hikes: 

“Remember, they also support a tax on energy, a gasoline tax, a carbon tax. That will increase the cost of buying gasoline to fill up your tank. And they put it on automatic pilot. It goes up 5 percent a year every year out into the future. So, it’s not just a one-time gas tax and a tax on your home heating oil and a tax on your electricity and a tax on everything that gets shipped to you by truck or by train. That goes up year after year.”

Norquist on Biden reinstating the Obamacare Mandate Tax:

“In addition, they want to bring back some of the Obamacare taxes. Remember the Obama penalty tax if you didn’t buy Obamacare. It was a $700 tax on a person, $2,000 on a family. Five million Americans were hit by that, maybe $100,000 in Georgia. The Republicans took that tax to zero. Biden has repeatedly said he would bring it back. Three quarters of the people who pay that tax earn less than $50,000 a year. So Biden’s promise that he won’t tax anyone that’s rich, that’s gone.”

Norquist on Biden Plan to Raise the Corporate Tax:

“We don’t have to guess because we know when Obama and Biden were running things, the corporate tax rate was at 35 percent. Communist China is at 25. And Biden says he will bring it to 28 or 35…. He wants the taxes on American businesses to be a higher tax rate than China. Where to you think the world’s investment is going to go? It went to China when he was Vice President. He wants to send it back to China by making American businesses uncompetitive internationally because he would take the corporate rate up above China. Above Germany. Above France. Above England. Above Canada. And make us one of the least competitive nations in the world, which is where we used to be.”