ATR President Grover Norquist today submitted the following question to CNN and Facebook in advance of tonight’s Democrat presidential candidate debate:

 Beginning with Hillary’s opponents:

All of you have spoken about gun control in this campaign. Hillary Clinton called for a new 25% national sales tax on guns in congressional testimony on Sept. 30, 1993.

The idea was presented as legislation by New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley.

Do you support Hillary’s new tax on gun sales? Is 25% too low, too high, or just right?

                                -Grover Norquist

Recently Clinton said she would push to “balance the legitimate Second Amendment rights with preventive measures and control measures.” A Washington Post headline declared her “the new standard-bearer for gun control.”

“Hillary has made it perfectly clear to the millions of gun owners in the United States: she doesn’t like us, she doesn’t trust us and she wants us to go away,” said Norquist.

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VIDEO: Watch Hillary endorse a new 25% national gun tax