At the first gubernatorial debate between sitting New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli, Murphy said, “I pledge to not raise taxes.” Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist sent Gov. Murphy a letter and a copy of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and offered the following statement:

“New Jersey taxpayers have already been saddled with more than $2 billion in tax hikes and billions in additional debt in just four short years under Governor Murphy.

“Murphy’s promise that he is done raising taxes may be too little too late for Jersey taxpayers. The Governor can show he is serious about this pledge – and not just making an empty election promise – by signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and putting the commitment in writing.

“Voters already know Jack Ciattarelli is committed to oppose any tax increases because he signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge months ago. Murphy can back up his words at the debate by signing the pledge now.”