Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist appeared yesterday on “America Reports” on Fox News to discuss California Governor Gavin Newsom’s blame-shifting on high gas prices in his state.

Norquist made clear that Newsom’s own tax policies are the culprit for the state’s abnormally high gasoline costs:

They have piled taxes on taxes on taxes on the people of California, and if Governor Newsom wants to know who’s responsible for the high taxes––the high cost of gasoline in California––he should look in the mirror. He did this. He did this to his own people. The nerve of him to blame other people.

For every gallon of gasoline purchased in the state of California, consumers pay 54 cents in state excise tax, 18.4 cents in federal excise tax, 23 cents for the state’s cap-and-trade program, 18 cents for the state’s low-carbon fuel programs, 2 cents for underground storage fees, and an additional 3.7 percent in state and local sales taxes, on average.

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