Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) President Grover Norquist offered the following statement on Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt’s veto of tax items and call for income tax reform and eliminating the sales tax on groceries:

“With around 20 states cutting, flattening, or eliminating their income taxes over the past two years, Oklahoma needs to make serious income tax reform a top priority to avoid falling further behind. Thanks to Governor Stitt’s leadership, the legislature has a second chance to get proven, conservative tax reforms done.

“Oklahomans are struggling with inflation and the best relief is to let them keep more of their hard-earned dollars. Conservative, Republican states are cutting income taxes, and Oklahoma should be one of those states, rather than following the model of Democrat-controlled states that have refused to cut tax rates. Some Democrat politicians in Blue States have argued for sending out checks, that is simply more spending, not a tax cut.

“The House Republicans have already passed a serious bill to eliminate the state income tax. We encourage the taxpayer champions in the House and Senate to embrace special session and continue moving toward phasing out the income tax and eliminating the grocery tax.”