ATR President Grover Norquist appeared on Mornings with Maria on the Fox Business Network to discuss the American Heath Care Act, calling it “one of the most conservative pieces of legislation this town has ever seen,” and tax reform, explaining that border adjustability is necessary in order to pay for the planned tax cuts in the House Republican tax blueprint.

On the repeal bill, Norquist said:

“To criticize the Trump-Republican plan, which cuts spending by $1.2 trillion a decade and taxes by $900 billion, reforms Medicaid by block granting it and giving us HSAs, it’s a little hard not to recognize that as one of the most conservative pieces of legislation that this town has ever seen. I’m always for improving whatever we do, and so the questions raised by the Freedom Caucus and the Republican Steering Committee, these are fine questions, and there are negotiations that appear to be moving very quickly to make some changes in the package that Trump and the Republicans will find fine.”

On tax reform, Norquist said:

“Border adjustability raises a hundred billion a year, or a trillion dollars over a decade. That’s part of paying for about the other three and a half trillion in tax cuts. Part of it is done by reducing the expected revenue that happens in fixing Obamacare by a trillion dollars, that gives us another trillion, six hundred billion we got by making the extenders permanent, we got almost a trillion dollars by looking at it in dynamic scoring, but now we need more resources if you’re going to take the rate down to twenty, and that’s where border adjustable or something like it gets in.”

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