Image of Presidential Candidate Nikki Haley Speaking

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) commends Ambassador Nikki Haley for signing the Presidential Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a written commitment to the taxpayers of the United States to oppose and veto any tax increase. 

Candidates often make campaign promises not to raise taxes, only to abandon taxpayers once elected. The Taxpayer Protection Pledge requires candidates to put their commitment in writing – making it harder to reverse course.

Haley’s decision to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge exhibits her strong commitment to fiscal responsibility and pro-growth tax policies.

“I strongly applaud Nikki Haley for taking a principled stand and signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. She has exhibited a true dedication to fiscal responsibility and pro-growth tax policy by making this commitment. This Pledge is a powerful symbol of her unwavering support for hardworking taxpayers and their right to keep more of their hard-earned money,” said ATR President Grover Norquist.

He continued, “With Haley’s Pledge, we can trust that she will champion pro-growth policies, protect our economic freedom, and resist any attempts to burden Americans with even higher taxes.”

Haley also signed and kept the Taxpayer Protection Pledge as Governor of South Carolina, much to the chagrin of state legislators who wanted to raise the gas tax without any associated income tax relief.

The Taxpayer Protection Pledge was created in 1985 by Americans for Tax Reform as a way to solidify candidates’ commitments to taxpayers. President Reagan urged all candidates to sign the Pledge. He campaigned for and praised candidates who signed the Pledge.

Today, over 1,400 incumbent elected officials on the federal and state level are Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers.

There are currently 189 Pledge signers in the U.S. House and 42 Pledge signers in the U.S. Senate including Leader Mitch McConnell. 85% of Congressional Republicans have signed the pledge and put their commitment to oppose tax increases into writing, contrasting the ZERO congressional Democrats who have made this commitment. 

President Biden and Vice President Harris have vowed to raise taxes: they have both repeatedly pledged to “eliminate”, “get rid of”, “repeal” and “reverse” the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which cut taxes for all Americans.

In the coming weeks, ATR expects all GOP candidates for President to make this written commitment to U.S. taxpayers.

New candidates sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge regularly. Please visit the ATR Pledge Database for the most up-to-date information on the Pledge.