The pending Keystone XL Pipeline—the pipeline that will carry Canadian crude oil to refiners in Texas and Oklahoma—is emblematic of the misinformation campaigns waged by those who inexplicably want to scuttle this project, and the tens of thousands of jobs tied to its construction. Attempting to brand the pipeline as “dangerous,” groups and politicians on the Left have done Americans a disservice by misrepresenting the project’s basic facts.

The Pipeline is NOT a disaster waiting to happen

Since the first well was drilled in Pennsylvania over a hundred years ago, oil pipelines have been one of the safest, most efficient ways to transport oil. The United States produces 5.5 million barrels* and consumes about 19 million barrels every day. Much to the dismay of those on the Left, America and the world literally run on oil. With consumption showing no signs of abating, American businesses need to deliver oil and gasoline to eager consumers throughout the country. 

*If the Obama Administration would allow energy producers to develop America’s natural resources, the US could produce about 10 million barrels of oil daily.

The easiest way to transport the enormous amount of oil needed to power our economy is through an infrastructure of pipelines.

America is literally covered in oil pipelines, and for good reason.

If oil is not transported via pipeline, what are the alternatives? Trucks and boats, while utilized, cannot carry nearly as much oil or gasoline and are also susceptible to accidents. Until America has moved to a fully electric, plug in fleet (don’t hold your breath) pipelines will be here to stay. So unless you want to increase to cost of transporting gasoline, which will likely cause the price of gasoline to rise, let’s put our hands together for pipelines.