Several Ohio business groups have released a useful tool that allows energy users to calculate exactly how much the state’s energy mandates have increased their electricity bills.These ill-advised mandates were conceived in 2008 when the legislature instituted both energy efficiency and renewable energy mandates. Already costing Ohioans over a billion dollars, these energy mandates are only going to become more onerous as they are scheduled to increase by 2025.  

From the Ohio tax calculator website:

"Ohio’s landscape has radically changed and the reasons for the government mandates no longer exist. Today, recovery from the recession is slow, electricity use has declined, prices for electricity have dropped significantly, and Ohio is growing jobs and improving its economy by developing a new, plentiful natural energy resource – shale gas.

Customers currently pay for these government mandates through tax-like charges that are embedded in electric bills (the tax is not applied to customers of municipal electric utilities or electric cooperatives). Worse yet, these charges are expected to increase by more than 400% in the next decade unless the law is changed or eliminated. "

Click here to see how much you're paying as a result of these energy mandates.