Organized labor’s approval ratings have tanked. Gallup found, for the first time in the polling organization’s history, that a majority of Americans disapprove of unions, 52%. Although labors’ popularity has fallen amongst voters of every political party, Independents are particularly disenchanted with labor- 66% of Independents this time last year approved of Labor compared to 44% this year.

Measuring a slew of different indicators, Gallup shows that anti-labor sentiment is on the rise in every category. This year more Americans think that labor mostly hurts the American economy (51%) and a plurality of Americans would like to see unions have less influence (42%).

These findings should come as no surprise. Americans watched as the United Auto Workers (UAW) bankrupted GM and Chrysler and then refused to enter meaningful negotiations. Unemployment rates are their highest in decades and high unionization rates only inflate this number. Americans have caught on- unions impede economic growth.

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