“Teachers punished for speaking out. Principals fired for trying to do the right thing. Union leaders defending the indefensible. Bureaucrats blocking new charter schools. Teens who can’t read, parents desperate for change, and teachers struggling to launch stable alternative schools for inner city kids who want to learn.” This is New Jersey and its monopolistic public school system – a system that can spend nearly “$400,000 per classroom, and yet only 39 percent of the state’s eighth-graders are proficient or advanced readers, and only 40 percent of its eighth-graders are proficient or advanced in math.”

These are just some of the people and issues introduced to us in a new movie The Cartel.The film opens today in New Jersey on OCTOBER 9, 2009. The film will screen at AMC theatres in Cherry Hill, Elizabeth, and Menlo Park, and at the Showroom in Asbury Park.
photo credit: Tavallai