Michigan State Representative Andrew Beeler announced the formation of a new Taxpayer Protection Caucus. Representative  Beeler and other pro-taxpayer legislators joining will work together to protect Michigan from persistent pressure to add new taxes or continue reckless spending practices. 

Beeler, who represents Michigan’s 83rd district, is one of sixteen signers of ATR’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Members who have signed the pledge are welcomed and encouraged to join the Taxpayer Protection Caucus. 

“I am honored to be asked to chair this caucus,” Beeler said, “The members of our group all share a common belief that the taxpayers of Michigan need a strong voice in the Legislature, perhaps now more than ever.”

The Taxpayer Protection Caucus will provide a single voice on tax issues among pro-taxpayer legislators and form a body of legislators that believe in the same principle: no new taxes. The caucus will build consensus among like-minded representatives to protect taxpayers from excessive state spending and deficit budgets. 

To join the caucus, legislators must be signers of Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a written commitment to constituents and state residents to “oppose and vote against any efforts to increase taxes.” Every state (with the exception of unicameral Nebraska) will soon have both a Senate and House caucus consisting of all pledge signers in the legislature.