Have They Forgotten Their Promise to Taxpayers?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) reminds the following legislators that they signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and thereby promised to "oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes." As the Legislature considers $1.5 billion of tax increases, ATR encourages these pledge signers to keep their pledge:

  • Louis Greenwald (H-6)
  • Martha Bark (S-8)
  • Leonard Connors, Jr. (S-9)
  • Shirley Turner (S-15)
  • Anthony Bucco (S-25)
  • Gerald Cardinale (S-39)
  • Francis Bodine (H-8)
  • Christopher Connors (H-9)
  • Peter Biondi (H-16)
  • E. Scott Garrett (H-24)
  • Alfred E. Steele (H-35)

"As the McGreevey Administration pressures lawmakers to pass a $1.5 billion tax increase that taxes everything from hotel rooms to death to business investment, it is imperative that these legislators keep their promise to taxpayers when they signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge," said Emily Sedgwick, State Projects Manager at ATR. "I strongly encourage them to keep their pledges. The pledge is relevant to all attempts to increase taxes."