"Taxpayer Hero" John Sununu and big spender Jeanne Shaheen battle for the Senate seat in New Hampshire. Who will protect taxpayers? WASHINGTON – John Sununu (R) and Jeanne (D) are after the same "open" Senate seat in New Hampshire, a seat that both parties are hoping to win. And while Governor Shaheen says that she works for families, only Sununu has made the public promise to help reduce families\’ tax burdens as an Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) Taxpayer Protection Pledge signer.

The ATR Pledge commits signers to oppose any and all tax rate increases and the implementation of new taxes on the basis of principle. Sununu advocates making President Bush\’s tax relief of 2001 permanent, thereby eliminating the Marriage Penalty and Death Tax altogether, and has said, "As Vice-Chairman of the Budget Committee, I worked closely with members of Congress and the Administration to ensure families received real tax relief, and a post September 11th economic stimulus package was enacted. Tax relief for New Hampshire families came at the right time to help fuel the economy," (Congressman\’s Press Office, 09/16/02).

"John Sununu has proven that he is willing to stand by the commitments he makes, voting time and again to support taxpayers throughout the state," said Grover Norquist, President of ATR in Washington, D.C. "While Jeanne Shaheen claims to help families, she has been one of the country\’s worst spenders as Governor. Why would taxpayers believe that she would curb her pet projects now?"

Named as a "Hero of the Taxpayer" by ATR for his votes on taxes in the 107th Congress, Sununu and others opposed to big government tax-and-spenders will help curb excessive spending and new taxes. He holds a lifetime ATR rating of 97 percent pro-taxpayer voting consistency since he was first elected as Representative in 1996. The facts speak poorly, and plainly, on Shaheen\’s record as governor of New Hampshire. According to the non-partisan Cato Institute, Shaheen is the worst spender with the top tax hikes overall. Shaheen pushed the introduction of a new sales tax of 2.5 percent in order to fund New Hampshire\’s education shortfalls, and her state budgets increased at an alarming rate of 2 percent faster than incomes.

"Rhetoric only goes so far to convince people of a candidate\’s commitment to taxpayers," continued Norquist. "John Sununu\’s actions speak for themselves, loud and clear: he works for the taxpayers of New Hampshire without wasting their tax dollars. Can Jeanne Shaheen say that she has used tax revenue wisely?"