In a bipartisan vote, state legislative body instructs congressional delegation to support missile defense.

WASHINGTON – Proving that increased national defense and tax relief go hand in hand, the New Hampshire House of Representatives recently passed a resolution urging its congressional delegation to take the initiative to develop missile defenses.

The state house passed this resolution by a vote of 186 to 135. Among the 186 supporters of this resolution were 35 Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers. The Taxpayer Protection Pledge, sponsored by the grassroots advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), is offered to elected officials and candidates as a written promise to their constituents to "oppose any and all increases in taxes." Currently, President George W. Bush, 7 governors, 211 U.S. House members, 37 U.S. senators, and over 1,200 state and local officeholders have signed the Pledge.

"Missile defense is vital to maintaining American security," said Grover Norquist, who heads ATR in Washington. "Missile defense is vital to homeland security. It is critical that homeland defense encompasses missile defense as a safeguard from the threat of missile attack," he continued.

The support for this resolution by New Hampshire\’s many fiscal conservatives, demonstrates that developing missile defense does not mean increasing taxes. The proposed budget for missile defense for the next fiscal year is $7.8 billion, all of which can be funded through miniscule budget cuts in other areas of federal spending.

"I commend these legislators for their commitment to defend America," continued Norquist. "The United States currently has no defense against ballistic missiles. It is common sense to establish a missile defense system. And this program can clearly be developed in a fiscally conservative manner, without asking the taxpayers to contribute anything more," continued Norquist.