Just last week, Florida State Representative Bob Rommel announced that he plans to form a new Taxpayer Protection Caucus in the Sunshine state legislature.   

In leading this caucus, Rep. Rommel aims to work with other pro-taxpayer legislators to protect Floridians from incoming pressure to add new taxes and hike old ones, as well as defend against increased spending driven by third parties and the left. He vows to “be ready for action and to stop any proposed new taxes.” 

Rommel, who represents Florida’s 106th district, is one of 62 Florida state House pledge signers of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which is sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform. Members who have signed the pledge are welcome and encouraged to join the Taxpayer Protection Caucus. 

“One of the important aspects of leadership is making sure to build an infrastructure for carrying important policy goals from one generation to the next. Our caucus will be an important part of helping to stop tax increases in Florida well into the future. I am honored that Grover asked me to take this on, and I look forward to working with ATR on an ongoing basis,” said Rep. Rommel. 

This new caucus can help ensure Florida remains one of the leading states for job growth, and for families looking to build a future, by keeping the tax burden on Floridians low.