Choice and competition are what drive better options at lower prices for consumers. But a bill in the Nevada legislature would add regulations that would limit competition in the auto parts market, driving up costs for consumers, and crushing small businesses.

The legislation in question, Assembly Bill 173, is up for a vote in committee Thursday. It would stop Nevada residents from benefiting from the savings they can achieve when using non-Original Equipment Manufacturer automotive parts.

The government would get in the way of perfectly happy consumers and businesses who are doing just fine right now by adding hurdles, like permission slips, endless forms, and even outright banning the use of non-OEM parts in various cases.  Lower costs for consumers, healthy market competition, and lower insurance premiums would be placed at risk under AB 173.

Small businesses in the industry already face heavy regulation, and pay a hefty tax burden. Attacking them with even more restrictive regulation threatens their existence, and hurts the Nevada economy.

Nevadans who need to replace a car part should have the same choices and competitive market they enjoy today. Misguided, heavy-handed government regulation would only make their lives more expensive.