On January 3rd, 2023, Joe Lombardo was sworn in as Nevada’s 31st Governor, having defeated one-term incumbent Steve Sisolak, the first Democrat to hold the seat since 1999. In his inauguration speech, Governor Lombardo affirmed his agenda as a commitment to conservative ideals, saying: 

“This is the central covenant of my administration. At the same time, I will carry the cause of conservative ideals that are anchored by personal responsibility, fiscal discipline, and limited government interference.”  

Often referring to the “Nevada Way” as his guide for governing, Governor Lombardo laid out his priorities. Recalling the economic fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism-based economy of Nevada, Governor Lombardo affirmed a promise made by his predecessor Paul Laxalt in 1967, that Nevada’s history is still before it.  

Governor Lombardo committed to no new tax hikes during his time in office. Referencing back to his time on the campaign trail, he recalled this commitment he had made then, saying: 

“In seeking this office, I said I would not seek, or would not ask for new taxes, or an increase in existing taxes… It’s a promise I shall keep.” 

In addition to a series of other legislative priorities and calling for bipartisanship from the newly elected State Legislature, Governor Lombardo prioritized economic recovery: “Most importantly, I urge you in joining with me as we work to unleash the roar of Nevada’s economic recovery.” 

In the face of an economic recovery that is amongst the most significant in the nation due to Nevada’s disproportionate economic downturn during the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Lombardo’s commitment to no new taxes and no increase in existing taxes in Nevada should help taxpayers sleep at night. As long as Gov. Lombardo sticks to that commitment, Nevada will remain a no-income-tax state.