Making a List and Checking it Twice….

Nice: Jonathan Gruber

For Highlighting the Deception of Obamacare.

Naughty: Paul Krugman

Kansas Tax Cut Paranoia.

Nice: Govs. Martin O’Malley, Pat Quinn, Deval Patrick, Tom Corbett

For Showing How Politically Toxic Tax Hikes Are.

Naughty: Lois Lerner

“Missing” E-mails.

Nice: Congressman-elect French Hill

Arkansas Coalition Leader Elected to Congress.

Naughty: Pennsylvania Legislature

Failing to Get Rid of Arcane Liquor Laws.

Nice: Mark Cuban

For Opposing Net Neutrality.

Naughty: California Legislators

For Passing the Nation’s First Statewide Plastic Bag Tax.

Nice: Hungarian Citizens

For Successfully Protesting Internet Access Taxes.

Naughty: NRDC

For Writing EPA’s Regulations.

Nice: Speaker Boehner

For Keeping Internet Taxes Off the House Floor.

Naughty: United Auto Workers

For Subpoenaing an ATR Intern.

Nice: Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones

Leading the Effort to Override Gov. Jay Nixon’s Veto of the First Income Tax Cut in Missouri in 100 Years.

Naughty: John Kasich

For Pushing Higher Taxes on Everything from Natural Gas to E-Cigs.

Nice: Saira Blair, WV House of Delegates

At 18 Years Old, Being Youngest Taxpayer Protection Pledge Signer in the Country.

Naughty: Charlie Crist


Nice: Richard Weinstein

Doing the Job a Tech Intern Couldn’t Do.

Naughty: Bill DeBlasio

Defunding Charter Schools and Killing Mr. Groundhog.

Nice: Wendy Davis

For Losing the War on Women and Giving Her State Senate Seat to a Free Market Republican.

Naughty: Randi Weingarten

For Getting Paid Big Bucks To Trap Kids in Bad Schools.

Nice: West Virginia Voters

For Electing a GOP Majority in the House and Senate.

Naughty: Hillary Clinton

“Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

Nice: Tennessee

For Voting to Permanently Ban State and Local Income Taxes.

Naughty: FAA

For Stopping Pizza Delivery by Drone.

Nice: Chuck Schumer

For Admitting Obamacare was a Bad Idea.

Naughty: Gina McCarthy

Letting a Fringe Interest Group Write Her Regulations for Her.

Nice: Rob Lowe

“The new Canadian Burger King is a good example of how high tax rates kill business and, ultimately, American jobs.”

Naughty: Governor Andrew Cuomo

For Disbanding the Ethics Commission that Investigated Him.

Nice: Bono

“Tax competitiveness has brought our country the only prosperity we’ve known.”

Naughty: Drunk Texas DA Rosemary Lehmberg

For Being a Public Disgrace.

Nice: Scott Walker

Winning His Third Statewide Election in Four Years.

Naughty: Michelle Obama

For Making School Lunches Even Worse.

Naughty: CBO Director Doug Elmendorf

For Claiming He “can’t” Score Obamacare Anymore.

Naughty: OECD

For Trying to Bully Ireland Into Raising Taxes.

Nice: Massachusetts Democrat Party

For Nominating Martha Coakley…Again.

Naughty: Mary Landrieu

For Encouring Binge Drinking Among Undergrads.

Nice: GOP Women

For Winning the War on Women.

Naughty: Willie Nelson

For opposing Keystone, the First Pipe He’s Ever Turned Down.

Nice: Washington Free Beacon

Straight Killin’ It.

Naughty: Bruce Braley

For Threatening to Sue Four Cute Cuddly Chickens. #Chickengate.

Nice: North Dakota

For Decreasing American Independence on Venezuelan Oil.

Naughty: Texas Trial Lawyer Steve Wolens

For selling cities on class-action lawsuits to expand hotel taxes.

Nice: Mitch McConnell

‘Nuff Said..

Nice: Reps. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Ander Crenshaw

For Creating Tax Free Accounts for Disabled Kids (ABLE Act).