WASHINGTON – On Tuesday, April 15th 2002, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), the nation’s leading taxpayer advocacy organization, will host its annual National Taxpayer Rally and press conference, this year at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

The conference will include leaders from past Administrations, the investment community, and the taxpayer movement to speak about the high tax burden being placed on working families and productive businesses.

WHAT: National Taxpayer Rally

WHERE: National Press Club Ball Room
529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor – Washington, DC 20045



– Wayne Angell, former Federal Reserve Governor and Bear Stearns Senior Managing Director

– John Rutledge, Chairman of Rutledge Capital and columnist

-Bush Administration representatives

– Representatives from Americans for Tax Reform, American Shareholders Association, Small Business Survival Committee, National Taxpayers Union, Citizens Against Government Waste, RetireSafe.org, Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute, American Conservative Union, 60 Plus, United Seniors Association, Frontiers of Freedom, and many more…

About Wayne D. Angell

Recently retired chief economist and senior managing director of Bear Stearns, Wayne Angell has worked at the epicenter of economic and monetary policy forecasting as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. His presentation is based on years of economic knowledge, leadership, and analysis in government, industry and media, Angell tells audiences about the economy and its impact now and in the future. He lets us know the secrets of the Federal Reserve, the global economy, banking, and industry and describes future market impacts with proven uncanny accuracy. Angell is also well known for taking highly complex economic issues and making them clear to the audience, his energetic and thoughtful analysis is valuable and thought provoking. Now founder and head of Angell Economics, Angell served as chair of the Board’s Committee on Federal Reserve Bank Activities and as chair of the G-10 Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems. He can regularly be seen on CNBC and other major news networks and he has written for such publications as The Wall Street Journal.

About John Rutledge

For over thirty years John Rutledge has helped corporate executives, business owners, investment managers, and Forbes readers understand economic change and use it to help their businesses and investments. As a principal architect of the Reagan Economic Plan he influenced the direction of inflation and interest rates. As founder of Claremont Economics Institute he helped hundreds of companies learn to live with disinflation, and helped investment managers capture the gains from falling rates and rising stock prices. Rutledge practices what he preaches by owning real companies and managing real portfolios. His columns in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and the American Spectator tell readers about the lessons from his 16 years as a private equity investor as owner, chairman, director or CEO of more than 30 companies. Rutledge writes the Rutledge Investment Navigator in partnership with Forbes. He is a partner of Kudlow & Company, and serves as an advisor to firms investing in venture capital, real estate, and hedge funds, and appears as a guest commentator on CNBC. He has written two books and hundreds of articles on economics, investing, and business.