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Governor Murphy wants to tax away your right to bear arms… again. 

The Governor is aggressively pushing for $6.3 million in higher fees and taxes on firearms in the revised state budget this year. These fee hikes would make owning a firearm far more expensive than it is today – pricing some New Jerseyans out of their constitutional rights. 

But there is still time for you to do something about it. Your State Senators & Assembly Members need to hear from you. Sign our petition at

Click HERE to sign the petition to Stop the Murphy Gun Taxes.

The aggressive tax & fee hikes named in Murphy’s revised budget include:

  • Pistol purchase permit fee increase from $2 to $48.
  • Firearms I.D. card fee increase $5 to $98.
  • Excise tax on ammunition & firearms.


Middle-income and low-income residents will be most drastically affected, as many would not be able to afford these costs, and effectively lose their second amendment rights.

Sign our petition, and tell Governor Murphy to stop violating the constitution and start making New Jersey more affordable.

You can also directly submit testimony opposing these fees, and numerous other tax hikes in the budget, HERE.