First we had vice-president Biden calling for us to spend more money to avoid bankruptcy. Now, with similar logic, President Obama wants to hire more public servants and increase the deficit to … reduce the deficit.

President Barack Obama said in a newspaper interview on Wednesday he wanted to establish “ a commission to deal with the budget deficit”. So create a new bureaucracy, hire more people, spend more money… all to reduce the deficits?!?!??!

We at ATR are big believers in saving the taxpayer money however, so we have a better solution. In fact, we’ll do all the work of this commission. For free. That’s right, we will say exactly how to deal with the budget deficit. This blog post is going to save the taxpayer millions.
You ready?
Here it is! The solution to our budget deficit that President Obama wants to establish a commission to determine is….
CUT OVERSPENDING! Yup, that’s right. Cut overspending. Get rid of the Porkulus, TARP, wasteful subsidies and earkarks to pet projects, and you’ll be back in the black in no time!
There. That wasn’t so hard now was it?