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Our friends at the Montana Policy Institute have launched a great ad campaign with billboards going up in and around the State Capitol in Helena, and an informational mailer being sent to all legislative districts.
Apparently, the governor’s office is mounting some opposition to creating a searchable website for government expenditures, and, apart from stating the usual red herring arguments (no new information, too costly) is putting forth some pretty outrageous and almost insulting claims, arguing that navigating through a website is much more complicated than filing a request for information with an agency. I have to admit, that’s a new one – I hadn’t heard such a ludicrous argument before.
In any case, raising the issue with the public, as MPI’s billboard campaign does, will certainly be helpful.  If you’re in Montana, contact both the legislature and the governor, and tell them to enact transparency legislation.
Above, you can see an example of one of the billboards, for all of them visit: