By the Numbers

26%: The amount disgraced former Italian PM Silvio Burlusconi’s net worth increased by in the past year

$10.2 billion: Fannie Mae’s latest payment to the Treasury Department after being bailed out by taxpayers.

44.1%: President Obama’s approval rating.  See “phony scandals.”   

100%: Putin approval rating, obviously

42%: New Jersey Democrats approval  of Gov. Chris Christie

49: Days until Obamacare implementation begins. Click Here to see the full list of Obamacare tax hikes still to come.  

$18 billion: Detroit’s current liability. President Obama in 2011: “I see a city that's coming back”

52.37%: Joe Flacco’s tax bill after a Super Bowl MVP performance. Should have tested free agency.

233,333: Jobs created per month during the Reagan Recovery  

97,020: Jobs created per month during the Obama “recovery.”  Hello new normal  
1788: Days that the Keystone Pipeline has waited to be approved.

42,100: State Department Jobs estimate for the Keystone Pipeline, CC: President Obama     

Enjoy your week.