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“I have never smoked again saving my life for my children and my grandchildren. What saved me was the flavors.”

In their own words, self-posted on Twitter using the hashtag #15sec4Vape — please read and watch the powerful testimonials from moms, below:

“Hi, my name is Tiffany Everett. I’m a consumer, a suburban mother of two, and I serve on the board of the Tennessee smoke-free association. I was able to quit smoking cigarettes after several failed attempts, using flavored nicotine and open-end devices. Thank you!” — @BlondeVaper

“My name is Annie. I’m an ex stay-at-home mom who smoked. Together with my son Richard, we’ve been for six and a half years in our little small store in Michigan helping thousands of customers get off cigarettes just like we did. We noticed early on that it’s different for every single person, a different flavor, a different [nicotine] level, a different device. Because everybody smokes different, everybody vapes different. And we weren’t off cigarettes until it worked for us. And we pay attention. And in our small little store, we’re making a big difference. Thank you so much for whoever’s responsible for calling us big vape. Never thought of it in those terms before, but we really are making a big difference for people’s lives.” — @anniezway

“In 2012, my son took me to the vape shop and bought me my first vape. From that point on, I have never smoked again saving my life for my children and my grandchildren. What saved me was the flavors. I immediately started vaping dessert flavors, and I have kept that up till the present day. Without flavors, I don’t know what I will do because I do not like the taste of tobacco anymore. I refuse to go back to cigarettes, so, please, don’t take my flavors away. I am too old to start with something new like smoking. Cannot do it. Just will not do it. Thank you.” — @opieyumyum

“I’m Michelle Hughes from Verbena, Alabama, 50 years old, mother of 5 grandmother of 2, diagnosed with COPD in 2015. Started vaping cookie custard and bakery flavors. I kicked the habit and saved my lungs. We vape, we vote.” — @MichelleHughes_

“I smoked for 20 years despite having a dangerous heart condition I knew was being made worse by smoking. I tried everything to quit, but nothing worked until vaping. And since then, I’ve been able to stabilize my health, my heart has improved, and I finally have the possibility of a very long and full life, and seeing my daughter make it to adulthood, and maybe even seeing my grandchildren. So yes, vaping saved my life because without it, I probably wouldn’t even be here today.” – @Red_Phoenyx_

 “My name is Hannah. I’m a single issue voter. I am a mother of two middle school students and I gave up my two pack a day smoking habit by vaping flavored nicotine e-liquids and use flavors like banana nut bread, birthday cake, and apple pie. Flavors save lives.” — Hannah

“I’m a mother, a wife, ex-smoker and a registered Republican voter. For the last nine years, my husband and I have built our vape company into 20 retail locations and a manufacturing facility. In September, we had to close five locations and layoff over 20 employees due to the uncertainty of a flavor ban. We still have over 50 employees and 65,000 customers that rely on flavors to keep them smoke-free. Please, President Trump, give vape shops a clear path forward. We live in fear and daily that politicians will decide our future. Keep America smoke-free, save flavors, save lives. We vape we vote.” —@ecigcharleston

“My name is Sarah Rutland. I am a mother, wife, sister and daughter. I smoked cigarettes for 20 years. I desperately tried everything to quit. Nothing worked until I found flavored vapor products eight years ago. Since making the switch my health has improved tremendously. Flavors save lives. I am a single-issue voter. We vape and we vote.” — @piercersarah

“Hi, my name is Erica. I was able to quit smoking after 15 years using bluegrass cotton candy and grape jelly. I vape, I vote.” — @VerhagenErika

“Hi, my name is Teresa and I am a mother, a grandmother and a wife. I smoked for over 30 years. I tried numerous things the patches, the gum, Chantix, none of that worked. I found flavored vaping, that worked. I quit smoking haven’t had a cigarette in nine years. Also, I haven’t had bronchitis and laryngitis yearly since I quit smoking. I vape, I vote.” — @mrsgeno1

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