That’s right. A Democrat state senator from Missouri recently offered an amendment to a higher education funding bill to ban seersuckers for those above the age of 8.

He stated: “any person living in this state aged 8 and under may wear seersucker suits at their leisure.” The kids appreciate it. He went on, “Any person over the age of 8 living in this state may not wear seersucker suits because adults look ridiculous in seersucker suits…”

It was only a year ago when the US Senate killed Seersucker Thursday, a tradition created by former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott.

The Washington Post had a good writeup on the matter last June:

For much of our history, lawmakers lived in Washington for uninterrupted weeks at a time. Democrats and Republicans moved their families to Washington and socialized at card games or Georgetown salons. These interactions made rivals less likely to demonize each other in their official business and more likely to reach agreement. “It’s harder to give somebody a real hard time when you were out with them and their spouse the night before,” Lott reasons.

Now lawmakers disparage such clubby ways. They’ve given themselves virtually unlimited travel allowances, so they can leave their families in their home states and fly to Washington for three-day workweeks that leave no time to create personal bonds. It’s no coincidence that this change brought along with it stalemate and division over the nation’s wars and finances.

Photos rebut wild claims better than the written word. Here are pictures of people wearing seersucker suits. You decide if the Missouri Democrat was correct in claiming that these people look “ridiculous.”


Senator Trent Lott

Seersucker Thursday 2011

Seersucker Thursday 2006

Senator Trent Lott

Seersucker Thursday 2004

Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird

At the very least, seersucker suits provide for great bipartisan photo-ops.