As primary voters head to the voting booths in Mississippi, they deserve to know where their congressional and state candidates stand on vital pocketbook issues such as taxes and spending. Candidates often campaign in opposition to higher taxes, but disregard campaign promises once they take office.

Fortunately for taxpayers in Mississippi, numerous candidates have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which is a written commitment to oppose and vote against all income tax hikes.

The following candidates signed the Pledge:

  • U.S. Congress
    • Ronald Neil Eller Jr. (MS-02)
    • Michael Guest (MS-03)
    • Steve Palazzo (MS-04)
  • State Incumbents
    • Steve Hopkins (SH-7)
    • Josh Harkins (SS-20)
    • Dean Kirby (SS-30)
    • Chris Caughman (SS-35)
    • Melanie Sojourner (SS-37)
    • Angela Burks Hill (SS-40)
    • Dennis DeBar (SS-43)
    • Jeremy England (SS-51)
    • Joel Bomgar (SH-58)
    • Stephen Horne (SH-81)
    • Bill Pigott (SH-99)
    • Jansen Owen (SH-106)
    • Charles Busby (SH-111)
    • Richard Bennett (SH-120)

There are currently 180 Pledge signers in the U.S. House and 44 Pledge signers in the U.S. Senate. 85% percent of all congressional Republicans have made the written commitment to oppose higher taxes. In contrast, ZERO congressional Democrats have made that promise.

In President Biden’s first year, he championed a multi-trillion tax and spend bill, which includes the largest tax increase since 1968. These tax hikes would disproportionately hurt workers, retirees, consumers, and small businesses. Taxpayers should expect more of the same for the remainder of his presidency. 

“Voters have a right to know where candidates stand on taxes before heading to the voting booth,” added Norquist. “The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is a simple litmus test that tells voters I’ll work to protect your wallet. I encourage all candidates for elected office to make this commitment today.”  

New candidates sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge regularly. For the most up-to-date information on this race or any other, please visit the ATR Pledge Database