Yesterday Minnesota State Representative Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington) introduced legislation that would circumvent the MN Department of Public Safety’s attempt to block access to 200 online gaming sites in the North Star State.

As was previously mentioned on this site, John Willems, director of the MN Dept. of Public Safety’s Alchohol & Gambling Enforcement Division and apparently a huge fan of China’s internet censorship policies, sent a letter to 11 national and regional internet service providers, instructing them to block access to 200 gaming websites in Minnesota.

Americans for Tax Reform vehemently opposes Willems’ quixotic attempt to stifle freedom of the internet, which represents a fatuous waste of taxpayer dollars and scarce state resources.

ATR will continue to work with Minnesota lawmakers to secure expeditious passage of Rep. Garofalo’s bill.

Stay tuned for further updates.