Minnesota State Capitol

Although the roof collapsed at the Minnesota Viking’s former stadium,that has not stopped blitzing lawmakers from trying to raise the roof on taxes.

Minnesota lawmakers have decided to tap into NFL fans for more revenue. House Bill 7173 was introduced into the state House of Representatives last week. The measure would impose a 50 percent gross receipts tax on “the sale of stadium builder’s or seat licenses in the stadium.”

The 2013 law being amended with this bill taxed the rental of suites and skyboxes at 10 percent. Hungry for more money, now, individually licensed seats throughout stadium would be taxed at 50 percent. Sadly, not even the gridiron is safe from greedy politicians.

Far from being a cash-strapped state, Minnesota has the 7th highest state and local tax burden in the nation according to the Tax Foundation. However, rather than trying to boost the competitiveness of their state, legislators are seeking even more revenue to line Saint Paul’s pockets. In one of the most uncompetitive tax environments nationally this is clearly unsportsmanlike conduct.

While states across the country are getting serious about their own tax rates, Minnesota must stop playing games with their tax and spend policies before residents decide to take their hard earned money to where it will be more respected. Already Wisconsin has used its surplus to cut rates and Tennessee is poised to eliminate the last vestiges of their income tax altogether. Clearly these states have the future growth of their communities in mind.

In a year with a budget surplus, it’s incomprehensible that legislators would look to raise taxes on football fans instead of exercising more fiscal restraint.  ATR urges Minnesotans to contact their representatives and oppose this ridiculous attempt at extracting more money from taxpayers. Please contact your legislator at 651-296-8338 to voice your opposition to this unfair tax hike.

Photo Credit: TBoard