Minnesota State Capitol looking at west entrance by Myotus is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Earlier today, Americans for Tax Reform submitted official testimony to the Minnesota Senate Taxes Committees expressing strong opposition to the proposed 75-cent delivery tax that would apply to every retail order delivered in the state. ATR’s testimony detailed the harm this tax would cause to Minnesota’s small businesses and families.

This tax is regressive, unnecessary, and highly unpopular,” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform and the author of the testimony. “Delivery services, including meal, grocery, and retail delivery, are an essential aspect of Minnesota’s economy and are heavily relied upon by small businesses. The proposed delivery tax will drive down revenues for restaurants and other retailers who operate on razor-thin margins, ultimately costing jobs and livelihoods.

Minnesota has an $18 billion budget surplus yet seeks to implement this regressive tax while families across the state grapple with the cost of skyrocketing inflation. It is never right to raise taxes on your constituents, especially at a time in which the state’s budget is thriving.

A 75-cent-per-delivery tax may seem insignificant to lawmakers in Saint Paul, but it certainly is not to the millions across Minnesota living paycheck-to-paycheck. For a family that receives a few deliveries a week, this 75-cent tax could end up costing hundreds of dollars each year.

Seniors, people with disabilities, and those living in remote areas of Minnesota need delivery services to be able to access the goods they require. The proposed delivery tax unfairly reduces their access to this essential service. This tax is highly unpopular among all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, and the Minnesota Senate should act swiftly to remove this harmful tax from SF 3157.”

Read ATR’s full testimony here.