Things just got worse for those who managed to sign up for Obamacare via Reuters has revealed that the Obama administration’s officials failed to properly secure the glitch prone website, leaving it vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber experts quoted in the report have stated that the fixes they recommended to the government after the site went live on October 1st have yet to be repaired. This means that users’ personal information could be compromised or edited. One of the cyber experts quoted, Kevin Johnson, stated that the site is “fundamentally flawed in ways that make it dangerous to people who use it”. Johnson and several others are set to testify today about the grave security risks before the House Space, Science and Technology Committee.

While the above information is and should be alarming to citizens, it should also come as no surprise, given the Obama administration’s track record of distortion regarding the healthcare law over the past several years. Starting with “If you like your plan you can keep it”, which Politifact rated as the “Lie of the Year”, to creating fraudulent and exaggerated numbers of enrollees for Obamacare. We now know that not only is Obamacare bad medicine, but it is also hazardous for your personal financial security.

Americans for Tax Reform joined a broad coalition of conservative groups last week in sending a letter to the US House of Representatives applauding efforts to protect Americans from the cyber security risks associated with the healthcare exchanges. The efforts in question would require the Department of Health and Human Services to contact any citizen within two business days in the event that any of their personal information had been compromised through the faulty Obamacare website and the second measure would require the Health and Human Services Secretary to provide weekly updates to the American people on the enrollment numbers of Obamacare, in the interest of transparency.

To read the full report from Reuters, click here.