Good news out of AHIP today.  10 million Americans are covered by insurance plans associated with health savings accounts (HSAs).  This means that one out of every twenty Americans with private sector health insurance coverage has HSA-qualifying insurance.

This is 2 million more Americans than were covered a year ago, and 4 million more than two years ago.

One encouraging note is that the largest driver of growth is the large-group (51 or more employees) employer market.  Since these plans are the biggest in the country, getting them to move over to HSAs means recruiting new HSA owners by the fistfull.  The double-digit year-over-year percentage growth should continue.

What's the state with the highest percentage of lives covered by HSA-qualifying insurance?  Shockingly, it's Vermont, where just under 14 percent of the private sector-insured have an HSA plan.