Ahead of tomorrow's primary in Michigan, Republican gubernatorial candidates Rick Snyder and Sen. Tom George (R-Kalamazoo) are joined by Democrats Virg Bernero and Rep. Andy Dillon (D-Redford) in refusing to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  The Taxpayer Protection Pledge is a commitment to constituents to “oppose and veto any and all tax increases.”

In contrast, Attorney General Mike Cox, Sheriff Mike Bouchard, and Rep. Pete Hoekstra have all ruled out tax increases by signing the Pledge.  They are joined by 71 candidates for the State House of Representatives and 28 candidates for State Senate.

Worse, when asked if he would sign, Rick Snyder called the Pledge “kind of a gimmick.”  In response, ATR president Grover Norquist made the following statement:

Rick Snyder called a promise to veto tax increases a ‘gimmick,’ but signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is an action that will provide Michigan residents and businesses with certainty that the state is no longer in the business of raiding your wallet.  The simple fact is that Lansing’s tax and spending addiction has contributed to Michigan’s single-state recession.  Snyder is leaving the door open to tax increases that will further this trend.

I commend Mike Cox, Mike Bouchard, and Pete Hoekstra for signing the Pledge.  These candidates understand that the first step to bringing Michigan’s economy back is to stop Lansing’s tax and spending addiction.  Tomorrow’s primary voters have a clear choice between two types of candidates: those who are leaving the door open to the tax increases that have been common in Michigan over the last decade, or those who have Pledged to oppose all tax increases, taking tax hikes completely off the table.

Click here for a PDF of the release or see the full list of Michigan Pledge signers in tomorrow's primary.