Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox and Oakland County Sherriff Mike Bouchard have become the first candidates in Michigan’s 2010 Governor’s race to sign the ATR Gubernatorial Pledge.
Cook Political Report and CQ Politics, two of the leading experts in rating various political races, have classified the Michigan gubernatorial race as a “toss up,” rating it completely up for grabs in the next statewide election.  Michigan has seen some tough times in recent years with record unemployment; a migration problem that has seen residents and jobs leave Michigan en-masse; not to mention the flailing state of the auto industry that had literally been in the driver’s seat for the Great Lake State’s once booming economy. What Michigan needs now is a responsible leader who can look the voters in the eye and let them know that they will fight on their behalf to restore Michigan’s economy in way that will benefit every resident of the state.
Sherriff Bouchard signed the State Taxpayer Pledge earlier this month, while Mike Cox recently renewed the State Pledge he took as Michigan’s current Attorney General. Both candidates have each taken the first major step in showing the voters that they can be seen as responsible leaders capable of bringing Michigan back from the plethora of economic woe that it has suffered over these last few years. As always, ATR encourages all candidates in the Michigan Gubernatorial race, and every candidate for federal and state office to make the kind of pledge that the “Michigan Mikes”, and many others across America already have.
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