On May 14th, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a resolution urging the FCC not to reclassify broadband Internet as a Title II telecom service.  Then, on Wednesday, the Michigan State Senate followed suit, passing the same resolution and providing a strong standpoint countering the FCC: leave the internet alone.

Chairman Genachowski is on a mission to reclassify all broadband service, currently a lightly regulated “information” service, to a heavily regulated telecom service.  Michigan does NOT want things to change, seeing this reclassification as a direct threat to their economy and job growth.  Being one of the hardest hit states during the recession, Michigan needs to do all they can to retain and create jobs, not lose more.

The Michigan House of Representatives and Senate passed the resolution with support from BOTH parties.  This is not the first time that there has been bipartisan support in opposing this regulation.  Michigan is the first state to pass a resolution in opposition, and hopefully other states will follow Michigan's example, stepping up to fight back against the FCC power ploy to regulate and dominate the internet.