President Obama will arrive in Michigan today to deliver remarks on community colleges.
The Detroit Free Press is not holding its breath that this approach will remedy unemployment rates that are closing in on 20%: “Michigan has emphasized job retraining for months, if not years now — and yet people keep losing their jobs, even in supposedly hot fields such as health care.”
Michigan needs a growing economy that creates more jobs, and no amount of individual retraining will accomplish that.   The Detroit News points out the Federal government’s massive spending, debt, and union bailouts, are not doing anything to create a competitive business environment in Michigan or anywhere else. 
As the Detroit News knows, the best way to save Michigan and the country is by reducing taxes, "Instead of more spending, Obama and Congress should turn to the only proven stimulus strategy: cutting taxes."  Moving forward with cap-and-trade and socialized medicine, is definitely NOT going to save Michigan’s economy.
The Free Press reminds Obama that he will run into plenty of people in Michigan, “who can tell him that almost any number of skills aren’t enough to get you a job in Michigan these days. Hasn’t the state already pioneered turning autoworkers into nurses?”
Unfortunately for Michigan and the rest of the country, Obama is offering more of same: failed reeducation plans for Michigan and failed stimulus plans for America.  Hopefully the Free Press is right, “If it’s a teachable moment, it may be more of one for the president than for those he’s visiting.” Perhaps the President will finally learn from his failed policies, but don’t hold your breath.