Meg Whitman Signs Taxpayer Protection Pledge
Two California Gubernatorial Candidates Have Promised to Defend Taxpayers
Washington, D.C. – Republican candidate for governor Meg Whitman signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge today. The Pledge commits signers to “oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes.”
To date, 34 U.S. Senators and 172 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed the Pledge. Additionally, seven governors and over 1,100 state legislators have signed the Pledge.
“By signing the Pledge, Whitman makes clear that if elected she will stand up for taxpayers and not the tenured bureaucrats, coercive utopians, and union bosses that currently run Sacramento,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “In a state with one of the highest tax burdens in the country, a dismal business tax climate, rampant overspending, and a government that is so costly that Californians had to work 235 days this year, well over half the year, just to pay for it, higher taxes should be a non-starter for all elected officials and candidates. In signing the Pledge, Whitman has made clear that she recognizes this.”
California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, who is also contending for the Republican nomination for governor, has signed the Pledge as well.
“Californians are fortunate to have two high quality candidates who have made this important commitment to defend the overburdened Golden State taxpayers,” added Norquist. “I strongly encourage, and challenge, Tom Campbell, Gavin Newsom, and every candidate for governor to sign the Pledge.”